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E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce is the process by which an enterprise conducts its entire sales and ordering functions via the Internet.

No shops, no brochures, no telesales or field sales staff, no direct mail, no paperwork, no cash handling, no bounced cheques.

Just a highly efficient enquiry and order processing function conducted fast and at minimum cost via the web - giving your customer speed and value, while allowing you to retain more margin through reduced marketing costs.

E-commerce is new. The web itself only began to mature as a business tool in the mid 1990s, with e-commerce following later still.

There are many self-styled web consultancies who came late to the web - and even later to e-commerce: Asylum Interactive is not one of these!

Asylum set up its first on-line shop for a customer in 1996: today, Asylum manages many such sites, some with visitor numbers in excess of 3 million.

Type even the generic search "woodworking tools" into any major search engine and you will find Asylum client The Woodshop appear in the top few listings. This client has no shop front and operates from rural Aberdeenshire - yet the business commands a top ten ranking worldwide for anyone looking to buy wood work tools. Customers order on line for next day despatch.

That's effective e-commerce:
Highly visible Easy to navigate
Simple, quality range Competitive price
Always seeking the order Fast acting

E-commerce is a proven successful business tool for selling products bought to a recognised specification and, particularly, on price.

The book and recorded music markets are well known, but e-commerce is equally effective for businesses such as travel, hire (any products), industrial components supply, office or laboratory equipment, parts or consumables in any industry.

Contact us today for an assessment of what E-commerce can do for your business.


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