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Dynamic Sites

People expect more from your web site every day.

They want more, and more personalised, information - and they want it more quickly.

Some want to browse their way to the information they seek - others want fast-acting search options to take them direct to their destination.

Either way, they want to feel they are on a site that was custom designed for their needs. They even expect you to remember their preferences from their last visit.

In short, they expect as speedy and personal a service on the web as they could get from a local storekeeper who has known them all their lives.

Database driven web designs enable your customers to find more of what they want faster - and enable you to increase your site content and to update it more easily. Every product, part or person in your organisation can be catalogued for instant access.

With dynamic database driven web sites there is no need - or cost - to come back to us to change or add a product listing. No special skills required. Your own staff can access the database directly from their desktops to update information, enabling your business to react quickly to, for example, fast moving price changes.

Every request for information can be logged, enabling you to build up a customer profile - and your customer to retrace or continue previous enquiries.


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