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Interactive Media

You're introducing your company to a prospective new customer. You want to create an impression. Talking through the brochure won't do it.

But a dynamic presentation on CD-ROM or DVD will.

You probably have a laptop with you anyway - so why not use it?

You can store 650 megabytes of presentation, including video, on one CD - up to 9.2 gigabytes on a DVD. Your presentation can be operator driven for personal presentation by your sales staff, self-running for exhibition, or self-navigating and/or catalogue searchable so that your prospect can use it like a web site. In fact it can be all of things on one CD.

Unlike a website, however, there is no need for a phone line, and no delay in downloading.

The most complex video or 3D animation appears almost instantly and runs in real time without 'stutter'.

You can pause to take questions or respond to an enquiry by completely changing the path of your presentation.

And you can store mountains of product or service data sheets in the universal PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file format, ready to print off on your client's office printer when required. Now there’s a bonus for the over laden international sales executive!

All that's needed to use the CD is a standard PC or Mac (desktop or laptop). A standard data projector is great for group presentation/viewing.

Your Asylum interactive CD installs no software on the host computer and relies on the host for nothing other than basic operating system (and MS Windows in the case of PCs), CD drive and RAM - so you can be confident it will run on pretty much any modern computer, and that you can give the CD to your client so that he or she can impress colleagues with your services also.


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