Web hosting in Aberdeen, Scotland. Custom e-commerce and web page design specialists based in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Interactive CD production, Web database hosting. We also provide business ADSL and Apple Macintosh Web Server rental and co-location.


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There is no 'Fifth Avenue' or 'Oxford Street' on the Internet. Just as in the High Street, however, the quality of your window display determines the success of your store.

Get it right - creative design, professional planning to optimise search engine performance - and your business could outperform world-leading brands. Get it wrong and your world-leading brand could shrink to the e-quivalent of a small town store.

Since 1995, Asylum Interactive has been building high-performance websites for clients in a wide range of businesses. For clients in petrochemical and engineering industries, food products, building products and home improvements, leisure, professional services - the list goes on. Working directly with clients, or as a specialist extension of advertising or design agency teams.

Asylum uses dynamic site design to fast track your prospects from their search engine to your site and then onward to precisely your product or service that matches their need.

From that point (dependent on the nature of your product or service) Asylum can structure your site to 'qualify' the prospect for subsequent sales contact, or can lead the customer through to secure on-line order and payment - a fully fledged e-commerce solution.


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