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Product Catalogues

As product ranges expand and become complex, with numerous dimensional or option specifications around each product, printed catalogues quickly become unwieldy to use – and expensive to produce.

Printed information rapidly becomes outdated, and yet the economics of print mean only long runs are viable.

And print frequently struggles to show and sell how your product works – the factors that make it superior to your competition.

Compare this with a multi-media catalogue on CD ROM.

The equivalent of over 20,000 A4 pages of text on one CD, but with the capacity to include not just colour photographs or illustrations, but video or 3D animations too.

You can customise single copies or manufacture thousands. Distribution costs are minimal, language options unlimited. The lively content 'sells' so much more effectively than ink on paper.

Updates are simple and cheap – you need never send bundles of wasted printwork for recycling again!

Asylum has been producing successful product catalogues on CD since the mid 1990s


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