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Interactive Training

Interactive Training on CD was once thought of as being useful only for safety training. Today, techniques have moved on: Asylum have even produced the seemingly anomalous concept of training in inter-personal skills ­ in the impersonal environment of an interactive CD. It works.

The pressures of modern life and work mean that it can be difficult to get whole departments or shifts together at one time for training purposes.

Yet face-to-face training for smaller groups or individuals is much more costly -and is very difficult to quality-assure.

Ultimately, in an age of sophisticated home entertainment, it can be difficult to hold the attention of a group through conventional 'chalk and talk' training - no matter how well presented.

Interactive training modules on CD address all these problems.

Trainees follow each module on screen and at their own pace, with the ability to repeat complicated passages at any time. They have to actively engage with the module to progress. The inconsistencies and ambiguities so inherent in personal training presentations are eliminated.

As the employer or training manager, you will have a record of every word, graphic or video clip of every module each trainee has seen or heard, and you have a traceable check of understanding through the self-assessment tests at the end of each module.

Interactive CDs are ideal for training in safety or other critical procedures - especially where it can be essential for the employer to be able to demonstrate subsequently that the individual had received suitable training and had demonstrated competence in particular tasks.

Similarly, interactive CD is ideal for providing training in how to use new equipment in the workplace - again allowing the individual to learn at their own pace.

But have you considered how interactive CD could be used for training in inter-personal skills? Sounds improbable? Asylum have done it - and it works. Why not ask for a demonstration copy of the CD we produced for The Urquhart Partnership’s client, Scottish Enterprise, on this theme.


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