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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing: the art of getting noticed on the World Wide Web.

There are many great-looking web sites that nobody ever finds. They were inappropriately named, did not carry the key words under which prospects were searching, had not been registered with search engines, etc.

These are the failures in Internet marketing.

Every step of your web site design at Asylum is guided by the need to get and hold the attention of your prospects.

Domain name selection that 'says what you do'
Key wording that gets your site ranked highly for 'relevance' by search engines
Attention-getting entry-points to your site
Easy navigation routes to guide your customer to what they want - fast.

Prospective customers are impatient people. If your business is not listed in the first 10 on their search, they’re more likely to redefine their search than trawl through the later listings. You’ve lost them.

Even when they find your site, if you do not immediately confirm on the first screen that your offer includes what they were looking for, they will move on to another site. And if you inconvenience them with confusing navigation or slow-loading graphics, you’ll lose them.

Perhaps we shouldn't have called Internet marketing an 'art' at the head of this page. It's a skill like any other: if you know and apply the rules, you win.

Asylum know and apply the rules. You win.


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